Tel-Tru manufactures a complete line of rugged, accurate, and dependable bimetal thermometers. As the industry leader, they offer more configurations and ranges than any other manufacturer. read more

Tel-Tru's World-Class philosophy encompasses both the latest state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing processes and a customer-centric staff and culture. From their beginnings, making household thermometers up to their latest products serving the industrial, commercial, food service, and OEM markets -- they have always put the customer first.

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Tel-Tru Bimetal Thermometers
Durable industrial & sanitary bimetal thermometers with back, bottom & adjustable angle connections
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Tel-Tru Check-Set Thermometer Calibrators
Calibration and accuracy verification for a wide range of thermometers and temperature measurement instruments
Tel-Tru DIGI-TEL Thermometers
Rugged remote or direct-mount digital replacement for mercury-in-glass thermometers
Tel-Tru P341 Pressure Transmitter
Non-filled flush mount homogenizer pressure transmitter with extremely low clamping effect can withstand the most abrasive / cyclical applications
Tel-Tru P531 Pressure Transmitter
Precision grade differential pressure transmitter with O-ring free design making it ideal for applications where a guaranteed leak free system is needed
Tel-Tru P521 Pressure Transmitter
Precision grade pressure transmitter for differential pressure measurement up to 5000 psid
Tel-Tru P523 Pressure Transmitter
Precision pressure transmitter designed for high line/low differential pressure measurement in hazardous locations
Tel-Tru P161 Pressure Transmitter
Ultra-high pressure transmitter offers high accuracy measurement of pressures up to 100,000 psi
Tel-Tru P121 Pressure Transmitter
Precision grade threaded pressure transmitter with NEMA 4X housing for harsh environments
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Tel-Tru P431 Pressure Transmitter
Submersible pressure transmitter is designed for level /depth measurement applications in shallow or deep wells
Tel-Tru P141 Pressure Transmitter
Precision grade pressure transmitter with hermetically sealed construction designed for use in hazardous locations
Tel-Tru P143 Pressure Transmitter
Explosion-proof pressure transmitter with ranges up to 25,000 psi designed for use in hazardous locations
Tel-Tru P321 Pressure Transmitter
Precision grade sanitary pressure transmitter manufactured for reliability in clean-in-place and wash-down areas
Tel-Tru P421 Pressure Transmitter
Submersible pressure transmitter with clog free sensor for waste water, sludge, and slurry applications
Tel-Tru P331 Pressure Transmitter
Sanitary tank level transmitter for Anderson, Cherry Burrell, or King-Gage receivers
Tel-Tru P221 Pressure Transmitter
Precision grade "non-filled” flush diaphragm sensor can withstand the most abrasive / cyclical applications
Tel-Tru 96100055 Dial Adjustment Tool
Dial Adjustment Tool for 1" and 2" thermometers (set of 3)
Tel-Tru PTD-2 Local Readout Display
4-20mA transmitter LED display with DN43650 (D200) electrical connector for -9999 to 9999 psi
Tel-Tru 96100054 Cleaning Brushes
Cleaning Brushes for models that fit probe diameter up to .150" (set of 3)
Tel-Tru 96100145 Cleaning Brushes
Cleaning brushes for multi-hole models (set of 2)
Tel-Tru 96100046 Carrying Case
Padded CORDURA nylon carrying case
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