MET ONE is a brand within the Hach Company. Hach was founded in 1947 with a commitment to providing high-quality products that are accurate and simple to use, and they still uphold these values today.

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MET ONE HHPC+ Series Handheld Particle Counters
Simple and fast particle monitoring, transfer particle counts via USB stick
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MET ONE VP212808 Zero Count Filter
Zero count filter HHPC+ Particle Counters
MET ONE 2089398 Zero Count Filter Adapter
Zero count filter adapter for the HHPC+ Particle Counters
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MET ONE 12 VDC Power Supply / Charger
12 VDC Power Supply / Charger
MET ONE 2089328-01 Carrying Case
Carrying case (included with 6 and 3 channel models)
MET ONE HHPC Charge and Communications Cradle
HHPC Charge and Communications Cradle
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MET ONE 460-400-0002 USB-A to Mini-B-5P
USB-A to Mini-B-5P 6 foot cable with ferrite
MET ONE 460-400-0005 Ethernet Cable
7ft CAT-5E ethernet cable