Future Design Controls, Inc. offers a broad range of standard and custom OEM temperature and process control, recording, and operator interface products for industrial, medical, wood, and kiln drying equipment as well as scientific machinery & equipment. Products from Future Design Controls offer the most recent microprocessor technology, high reliability, and features to help their customers grow their businesses. read more

Future Design Controllers offers solutions ranging from simple single board controls and single loop PID controllers to sophisticated multi-loop controllers and data acquisition & operator interface solutions.

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Future Design Controls DR 5000 Chart Recorder
Circular chart recorder available with ink cartridge or thermal printing versions
Future Design Controls Blank Thermal Charts
Blank thermal charts for Future Design Controls DR5000 thermal recorders (50 per box)
Future Design Controls DR 5000 Replacement Pens
Pack of 6 red (R25-2), blue (R25-3) or green (R25-4) pens for Future Design Controls DR 5000 chart recorder
Future Design Controls Setup Charts
Provides users with an "on the spot" manual providing detailed configuration instructions and documents the current setup
Future Design Controls Print Arm Assembly
Replacement thermal print arm assembly for DR5000 thermal recorder