Founded in 1980 by Jake E. Lake, Lake Monitors is one of today's leading manufacturers of inline flow meters, switches / alarms, transmitters, and hydraulic test analyzers for closed loop piping systems. read more

Lake Monitors produces high-quality, low-cost flow monitoring products that can be utilized in either compressed gas or liquid systems to ensure proper volumetric flow rates of coolants, purge gasses, and lubricants.

Lake Monitors serves the fluid power, flow control, and processing markets.

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Lake Monitors ClearView Flow Meter
Economical way to monitor municipal pressure water flows, observe case drain flows, and verify pump outputs
Lake Monitors Variable Area Flow Monitors
Accurate, dependable flow monitoring in operations up to 6000 psig and flow rates of up to 150 GPM
Lake Monitors FlowStat Sensors
Stainless steel or polypropylene flow sensors with a range of outputs and ±2% accuracy
Lake Monitors Case Drain Monitor
Affordable alternative to using a standard flow meter for case drain applications