Stuart SC6 PLUS Colony Counter
Provides fast and accurate counting of bacterial and mold colonies
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Stuart SMP10 / SMP20 Melting Point Apparatus
Fast, accurate and safe measurement of melting points up to 300°C
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Stuart SMP30 Melting Point Apparatus
Fast, accurate determination of melting points up to 400°C
Stuart SMP40 Melting Point Apparatus
Advanced imaging technology allows users to watch the melt real-time or save as AVI file
Stuart Melting Point Tubes
Glass melting popint tubes for use with Stuart melting point apparatus
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Stuart Wolffhuegel Graticule and Segmentation Discs
Wolffhuegel graticule and segmentation discs for the Stuart SC6 colony counter
Stuart SMP30/1 Printer
Printer w/power supply, only for use with SMP30
Stuart Magnifiers
Magnifiers for Stuart SC6 colony counters
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Stuart SC6/5 Spare Receiver Dish
Stuart SC6/4 Clear Protective Discs (pk/5)