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Mace FloSeries3 FloPro XCi Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Versatile flow meter for measuring water quantity and quality practically anywhere
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Mace HVFlo Logging Flow Meter
Intrinsically safe logging flow meter
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Mace HydroMace XCi Data Logging Platform
Weatherproof monitoring and telemetry platform for remote locations
Mace Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Sensors
Continuous wave Doppler ultrasound to measure the speed of dirt, bubbles and other particles in the stream flow
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Mace FloSeries3 External Communications Lead
USB cable, one is required for FloSeries3 products
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Mace Power Supply
110 to 240VAC, 24VDC power supply for Mace FloSeries 3 meters
Mace Solar Panel
12V/5W solar panel for charging internal battery of Mace FloSeries 3 meters
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Mace FloSeries3 EchoFlo Ultrasonic Depth Sensor
Non-contact depth measurement for partially-full pipes
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Mace FloSeries3 FloSI Module
Serial interface card supporting ModBus, SDI-12, RS-232 and RS-485
Mace Sensor Mounts
ZxSnapStraps and mounting plate options for Mace ultrasonic flow sensors
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Mace FloSeries3 WebComm Card
Automatically upload internal logged data to the web-based MACE Data Server via mobile telephone networks
Mace 850-328 Doppler Velocity Module
Provides the input for connecting MACE Doppler ultrasonic velocity sensors.
Mace ZxSnapStraps Buckle
Replacement buckles for Mace mounting straps
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Mace Instrument Mounting Kit
Mounting kit for Mace FloSeries 3 meters
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Mace USB Fob
USB configuration interface for EchoFlo sensors
Mace Sensor Desiccant Filter Module
Replacement spare part for all area velocity sensors that have the built-in depth sensor
Mace FloSeries3 Pulse I/O Card
Powers a single pulsing flow sensor and provides a pulse output
Mace FloSeries3 SDI-12 Master Card
Provides an XCi device with the ability to control and log SDI-12 sensors
Mace FloSeries3 I/O Card
Input/output card for FloPro and HydroMace 3000 meters