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Carlo Gavazzi RGC Solid State Relays
1, 2, or 3-pole solid state relays with rated operation voltage up to 600VAC
Carlo Gavazzi GDP Contactors
1, 2 & 3 pole definite purpose contactors ranging from 25 to 90 amps
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Carlo Gavazzi RS1A Series
Industrial, 1-phase, zero-switching solid state relays with LED indicators
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Carlo Gavazzi RN1F and RN2F Series
Analog, full cycle switching solid state relays
Carlo Gavazzi RSE Series Motor Controllers
Compact, easy-to-use, AC semiconductor motor controllers
Carlo Gavazzi RM1E
Industrial, 1-phase analog switching solid state relay
Carlo Gavazzi RM1C Solid State Relay
Industrial 1-phase peak switching relay, ideal for switching transformers & other highly inductive loads.
Carlo Gavazzi RM1A/B Series
Industrial, 1-phase solid state relays with LED and built-in varistor
Carlo Gavazzi RZ3A
3-phase, industrial solid state relays
Carlo Gavazzi RD Series Solid State Relay
DC switching relay for fast switching of small DC loads with a high input/output isolation of more than 4000VACrms