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Yokogawa MLX Loop Powered Process Indicator
Receives DC current signals from electronic transmitters and indicates process measurement values
Yokogawa UM33A Digital Indicator
UTAdvanced 1/8 DIN digital indicator with up to 8 alarms
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Yokogawa PR300 Power and Energy Meter
Panel-mounted power facility meter and meter for monitoring energy consumption
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Yokogawa MLD Loop Powered Process Indicator
Display process measurement values from DC voltage and current signals received by electronic transmitters
Yokogawa PROPLUS YPP6200 / YPP6300 Flow Rate/Totalizer
Analog or pulse input, displays rate and total at same time, rate in secs, mins, hrs, or days
Yokogawa PROPLUS YPP6000 Process Meter
Dual-line, 6 digit display, signal conditioning functions, function keys
Yokogawa PROPLUS YPP6060 Process Meter
Dual-input with math functions, 6 digit display, sunlight readable display
Yokogawa PROPLUS YPP6210 / YPP6310  Process Meter
Analog or pulse input, start/pause/stop, change batch with front buttons
Yokogawa ProPlus YPP7000 Temperature Meter
Accepts many thermocouple types and RTDs, 1° or 0.1° resolution