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Autonics MT4 Series Panel Meters
Super version panel meter includes functions such as AC frequency measuring, zero adjustment and transmission output scale
Autonics CT Series Counter/Timer
Programmable four or six digit counter/timer is available with RS 485 communication to facilitate set-up and monitoring via PC
Autonics KN-2000W Series Panel Meter
1/8 DIN panel meter, 24Vdc transmitter power supply included, 16 bit ADC (±0.2% F.S.) accuracy, universal input
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Autonics KN-1000 Digital Indicator
Slim sized digital indicator is compatible with a wide range of input signals and includes a bar graph display
Autonics MT4N Panel Meters
Small-sized (W48×H24mm) digital multi panel meter with 7-segment, color-changeable LCD display
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Autonics M4 Panel Meter
Loop powered digital scaling instrument with a display range from -1999 to 9999