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AII GPR-1200 / GPR-1200MS-2 Oxygen Analyzers
Designed for applications where trace oxygen or gas purity must be controlled at defined points
AII Palm O2 Oxygen Analyzer
Ergonomic, hand-held instrument for measuring oxygen levels in welding applications and breathing air for diving
AII 3000 Series Oxygen Analyzer
Percent oxygen measurement for use with applications such as compressed air breathing tanks and weld purge gas quality
AII GPR-2000 Oxygen Analyzer
Designed for percentage level oxygen measurements with an LDL of 0.005% (50ppm) O2, General purpose or intrinsically safe models
AII GPR-1500 Series Oxygen Analyzer
Uses flow-through O2 cells for in-line gas analysis in safe or hazardous areas
AII GPR-1500 GB / GPR-2500 GB Oxygen Monitors
Designed to measure trace or percent oxygen in a range of gas backgrounds in glove boxes
AII GPR-1000 Oxygen Analyzer
Measures oxygen below 1,000ppm with an LDL of 5ppm and is temperature compensated, intrinsically safe option
AII GPR-3500 MO Oxygen Analyzer
Developed for measuring 0-100% oxygen in general purpose areas, barometric pressure and temperature compensation
AII GPR-2900 Oxygen Analyzer
Oxygen analyzer with a remote sensor, for percentage level measurements up to 100% O2
AII GPR-1100 Oxygen Analyzer
Designed for oxygen measurements from 0.1 ppm through to purity applications at 100% oxygen, intrinsically safe option
AII PI2 PPB Oxygen Analyzer
Designed for trace oxygen measurements down to low parts per trillion in ultra-pure argon, hydrogen, helium and nitrogen
AII GPR-1900 Oxygen Analyzer
Designed for measurements as low as 0.1 ppm O2, stainless steel sensor housing
AII GPR-1600 Oxygen Analyzer
Integral bypass sample system, can be temporarily exposed to ambient air to perform a span calibration (20.9% O2 )
AII GPR-3500 MOVR Oxygen Analyzer
0 to 100% oxygen measuring range in general purpose areas, LDL is 0.5% O2
AII GPR-2600 Oxygen Analyzer
Monitors oxygen in applications for purging from ambient air to low percentage levels of oxygen
AII GPR-3100 Oxygen Analyzer
Temperature controlled sample handing system providing isothermal environment for the sample for increased accuracy