Historical Viewer Software to Retrieve Data Via Ethernet

by Dwight M.

PG10/20/30 - Retrieving Data via Ethernet

The Sixth Sense PG Series paperless recorders are designed with a full range of outstanding specifications and features making them highly capable quality assurance instruments. They can record all kinds of industrial signals such as temperature, pressure, flow, and humidity and then display those values on a TFT touchscreen display. Data can be stored internally or externally and then be sent to other devices via Ethernet, RS-485, 422, 232 communication, or wireless Ethernet device PC-W.

Watch this video and follow along with the steps below.

5s: Create a New Project

15s: Enter IP Address of the Recorder. Set the IP Address via the Touchscreen (More>Config>Communication)

22s: Click "Yes"

28s: Close and Click "Yes"

31s: Import the data? Click "Yes"

1:02s: A Graph of the Data is Created

1:11s: Zoom All - This Provide a Nice View of Your Data

1:21s: Append the Data to Get the Latest

1:54s: Additional Data Points Added to the Trend Graph

1:56s: View the Data in a Table Format

2:13s: Export File to Excel

2:18s: Custom Timeline of Data Can be Exported

If you find you are still having trouble transferring data from your PG Series Recorder via Ethernet please give us a call at 1-800-884-4967 and one of our application engineers will be able to help you.