Control Products TCA-9102 Series Temperature Control
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  • logs the highest and lowest sensed temperatures since last reset
  • Dual stage relay control
  • 120 or 240 VAC power options
  • Hidden menu for all features beyond programmable temperature setpoint(s)
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius selectable
  • Four digit LED display
  • Audible output buzzer
  • Alarm relay output for additional control
  • 30 amp relay output(s) at up to 240 VAC
  • Temperature sensor included (3’ long remote with nickel plated sensor cap)
  • Programmable Heat and/or Cool modes; Dual Heat, Dual Cool or Heat/Cool
  • Programmable differential for each relay (0-30F)
  • Programmable High and Low audible alarm setpoints
  • Programmable High and Low Temperature setpoint limits
  • Programmable Calibration (0-30F)
  • Programmable audible time delay (0-60 minutes)

The TCA-9102 Series Temperature Controller with Alarm offers a versatile solution for a wide variety of applications that may require 30 amp relays, short cycle delays and independent dual stages in one convenient, easy to use controller.

The alarm function provides audible, visual flashing and a normally open dry contact for triggering an alarm system, telephone dialer or turning on a light or external siren. In addition the TCA-9102 will log the highest and lowest temperatures on record between resets.

Control Products TS-10RTD-10-6 RTD Sensor
For use with any TC-9102 or TCA-9102 controller.