Jumo Logoscreen paperless recorder
This product has been retired.
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  • No chart /pens
  • Local availability of the measurement data stored in RAM
  • Data records can be saved to a CompactFlash memory card
  • Instrument can be configured from the keys, via the CompactFlash memory card or serial interface
  • Evaluation of the archived data through the PC evaluation software
  • Report with minimum/maximum/ average values and integrator
  • Freely programmable inputs for resistance thermometers, thermocouples, DC current and DC voltage
  • Sampling cycle minimum 125msec with 12 analog inputsk
  • PROFIBUS-DP and Ethernet connection
  • integrated web server

The Jumo Logoscreen paperless recorder together with its PC software components, constitutes a system for the electronic acquisition, storage, archiving and analysis of a substantial amount of data. The recorder is internally equipped with 6 or 12 universal measurement inputs and can be expanded to a maximum of 36 inputs through the JUMO mTRON automation system. The acquired process data are saved to the internal backup memory (32 to 128 MByte) and transferred via the CompactFlash memory card, which is plugged in at the front. An optional Ethernet interface provides integration into PC networks in order to allow data to be accessed via networked PC stations. The recorder can be configured from 8 keys or from a PC. Front bezel size is 144mm x 200mm, max. depth behind panel is 228 mm.