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  • 8 limit comparators
  • 2 parameter sets
  • Math and logic module
  • 8 operating contacts
  • Real-time clock
  • Setup program with program editor and JUMO start-up software for Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000/XP

The JUMO DICON 401 / 501 series universal, freely configurable profile controllers /generators are available in the formats 96 mm x 96 mm and 96 mm x 48 mm (portrait and landscape format). The instruments feature two 4-digit 7-segment displays, five or eight LEDs for indicating the switching status and operating modes, an 8-digit matrix display, as well as six keys for operation and configuration. The user has flexibility in assigning the slots of the profile controller according to the block structure.

10 profile programs with up to 100 segments can be programmed; a total of 100 segments is available. Additional functions include self-optimisation, parameter set switching, a real-time clock, up to 8 limit comparators and a maximum of eight operating contacts. Linearisations for conventional transducers are stored in the memory; furthermore, a customized linearisation table can be programmed.

The profile controllers can be adapted to a variety of tasks with the aid of a maths module. The instruments can be integrated into a data network via a serial interface, or they can be expanded through an external relay module. A setup program with a program editor is available for easy configuration from a PC. The electrical connection is at the rear by screw terminals.

10 profile programs with up to 100 segments can be programmed. A total of 100 segments is programmable. In addition, eight operating contacts can be assigned to the corresponding program segments. A profile program can be started manually from the keys (on the instrument or externally), or by programming the start conditions. When programming the start conditions, the time can be set either by selecting a start delay, or by programming a weekday and time. Furthermore, it is possible to program a weekly profile with 10 entries via the setup program.

Profile programs consist of a series of segments with definable segment setpoints. The individual segment setpoints are connected either by ramps or by step functions. At each segment, the status of the eight operating contacts can be modified. In addition, each segment can have assigned to it one of the two programmable parameter sets, as well as an upper and a lower limit (tolerance band) for monitoring the process value.

Continuous loops can be set up through programmable repeat cycles. Segments are defined by the segment setpoint and segment time, or the ramp slope (gradient). Through the integral program editor it is possible to create segments from the keys, as well as to edit, copy or delete them.

The standard specification includes an auto-tuning facility which permits the user to adjust the controller to the process without any knowledge of control engineering. In addition to the linearisation for the usual transducers, a customer-specific linearisation can be created. Programming is carried out via the setup program, in the form of a table of values.

The maths module permits integrating e. g. setpoints, control outputs and the measured values of the analogue inputs into a mathematical formula. The logic module can be used to create logic links between logic inputs, limit comparators and operating contacts, for example. Two formulas can be entered via the setup program for each of the two modules. The results of the calculation can then be produced via the outputs or used for internal purposes. There is an additional possibility of implementing difference, ratio and humidity control through established standard formulas.

Any process variable can be visualized on the 7-segment displays and the dot-matrix display. It is possible to switch between two displays either from the keys, or automatically after an adjustable interval.

Jumo PC Interface with USB/TTL Converter
Jumo Interface Converter USB to RS232/422/485
Jumo Interface Converter RS232 to RS422 / 485 (serial)
Jumo PC interface with TTL/RS232 converter
Please consider these optional accessories.
Jumo External relay module ER8
Supply 93 to 263 VAC
Jumo External relay module ER8
Supply 20 to 53 AC/DC
Jumo External logic module EL8
Supply 12V, 110 to 240 VAC
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Jumo External logic module EL8
Supply 12V, 20 to 53V AC/DC
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