Jumo DICON 500 Universal Process Controllers
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  • 4 setpoints
  • 2 parameter sets
  • Math and logic module
  • Ramp and profile program function
  • Setup program with JUMO start-up software for Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000/XP

The JUMO DICON 500 universal process controllers are in the formats 96mm x 96mm. The instruments feature two 4-digit 7-segment displays, five or eight LEDs for indication of the switching status and operating modes, an 8-digit matrix display, as well as six keys for operation and configuration.

The user has flexibility in assigning the slots of the controller according to the block structure. Additional functions include self-optimization, parameter set switching, and up to eight limit comparators.

Linearizations for conventional transducers are held in the memory; a customized linearization table can be programmed. The process controller can be adapted to a variety of tasks with the aid of a maths module. The instruments can be integrated into a data network via a serial interface, or can be expanded through an external relay module.

A setup program is available for easy configuration from a PC. The electrical connection is at the rear by screw terminals.

The standard specification includes an auto-tuning facility which permits the user to adjust the controller to the process without any control engineering know-how. Auto-tuning evaluates the reaction of the process to certain changes of the output variables. The controller parameters Xp, Tn, Tv and Cy are calculated.

This function enables a defined approach of the process value from t0 to the current setpoint. The slope is adjusted via a gradient (°C/min, °C/h or °C/day) at configuration level 1. On a setpoint change, it is active either as a rising or a falling ramp.

It is possible to produce a profile program with up to eight segments. The segment setpoints (W_SEG01 — W_SEG08) and segment times (T_SEG01 — T_SEG08) are defined at an additional level. The segment times can be programmed from 00:00:00 to 99:59:59 (format: hh:mm:ss).

The program starts at the program start or the process value. When starting at the process value, the profile is searched to find a setpoint which corresponds to the process value at the instant of the start. The profile then continues from this point. If the process value is outside the profile, a start is made at the first program segment. The program can either be run through once, or it can be repeated cyclically. Furthermore, it is possible to hold the program.

In addition to the standard parameters, the controller software also contains a fuzzy logic software module. This can be used to improve both the control and the disturbance action via two parameters.

As well as the linearizations for conventional transducers, a customer-specific linearization can be created. Programming is performed via the setup program, in the form of a table of values.

The math module can be used to integrate, for instance, setpoints, outputs and the measured values of the analogue inputs into a mathematical formula. Through the logic module it is possible to logically link logic inputs and limit comparators, for example. Two formulas can be entered via the setup program for each of the two modules. The results of the calculations can then be produced via the outputs or can be used for internal purposes. There is the additional possibility of implementing controls for difference, ratio and humidity through standard formulas.

Any process variable can be visualized on the 7-segment displays and the dot-matrix display. It is possible to switch between two displays either from the keys, or automatically after an adjustable interval.

The functions of the logic inputs, the limit comparators and the logic outputs of the logic module can have customer texts assigned to them. Depending on the status of the function or the configuration of the displays, a programmed text (8 characters max.) is shown on the matrix display. The customer texts can only be created using the setup program.

Please consider these optional accessories.
Jumo External relay module ER8
Supply 93 to 263 VAC
Jumo External relay module ER8
Supply 20 to 53 AC/DC
Jumo External logic module EL8
Supply 12V, 110 to 240 VAC
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Jumo External logic module EL8
Supply 12V, 20 to 53V AC/DC
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Jumo Interface Converter RS232 to RS422 / 485 (serial)
Jumo Interface Converter USB to RS232/422/485
Jumo PC Interface with USB/TTL Converter