Badger Meter Industrial EPM-2 IND Oval Gear Meters


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  • Part number EPM-2 IND
  • Manufactured by Badger Meter
  • Oval gear driven meter
  • Durable
  • Totalization in liters and gallons
  • Dispensing measurement in liters, quarts, pints, gallons
  • Max. totalizer number: 99,999 gallons or liters
  • Max. dispense volume: 99,999 units
  • Max. preset volume: 99.9 units
  • Calibration factor for different fluids
  • Changeable units of measure
  • One programmable preset
  • Total and resettable total
  • Minimum 20,000 cycles on battery life
  • Low battery safety lock out feature
  • Ability to save settings if power interrupted
  • Uses standard AA batteries
  • In-Line swivel standard with all meters
  • Automatic shut-off at preset amount
  • Emergency electrical shut-off
  • Precision control valve operation

The second generation Badger Electronic Preset Meter (Model EPM-2 IND) is designed for handheld dispensing and batch dispensing of various fluids. The meter consists of a measuring element, LCD display, and a batch processor functionality. The meter has a rugged design for the most demanding environments.

The Badger Model EPM-2 meter has two modes of operation. It can be used as a handheld dispensing valve with a readout that allows the user to see the amount of fluid being dispensed. It can also be used to select a batch quantity to be dispensed. In preset batch mode the meter will dispense the desired amount of fluid and then shut off. The meter has a hard coat anodized body, LCP gears, and Viton seals, making it ideal for dispensing of a variety of fluids. The meter is easily calibrated in the field for fluids of different viscosity.

In the handheld dispensing mode the user pulls up on the handle to open the valve and as a fluid flows through the meter the quantity is displayed. To stop the flow the user simply releases the handle to close the valve. When the meter is used in batch mode the user selects the batch quantity to be dispensed from the buttons on the meter. The handle is then pulled into the full open position. The handle will then latch in the full open position until the batch quantity is dispensed. When the batch quantity is reached the handle will de-latch and flow will stop. The reset button can then be pushed to reset the batch display and start a new batch. There is a stop button on the meter to close the valve at any time during a batch dispense.

The meter features a resettable totalizer for individual batch, a second resettable totalizer for multiple dispense operations, and a lifetime non-resettable totalizer.