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  • 750V AC & 1000V DC
  • 400A AC clamp measurement
  • 2000μA AC/DC with test leads
  • 40MΩ Resistance/Continuity test
  • 4000μF Capacitance
  • Non-Contact Voltage 24~600V AC
  • Frequency/Duty Cycle
  • Data Hold & MIN/MAX
  • CATIII 600V, CATII 1000V
  • -40 to 752°F Temperature (K type) (Pro)
  • TRUE-RMS(AC Volts & AC Amps) (Pro+)

The UEi G2 Phoenix series clamp meters is available in three different meter models. The DL369 Prime, DL379 Pro, and DL389 Pro+ models all feature a dual display, a low battery display lock, test lead storage, test lead holder on clamp head, auto off function and three year limited warranty. Some functions of the UEi G2 Phoenix series clamp meter include 750V AC/1000V DC, 400A AC, 40 MΩ resistance/continuity and non-contact voltage from 24 to 600V AC.

All the UEi G2 Phoenix series clamp meters offer a CATIII 600V and CATII 1000V safety compliance and include test leads, zippered case and 2 AAA batteries. The DL379 Pro and DL389 Pro+ clamp meters also include a K type probe, which requires no adapter.

UEi G2 Phoenix Pro Clamp Meter (DL379)

In addition to the base functions, the UEi G2 Phoenix Pro clamp meter (DL379) includes a -40° to 752°F temperature (K type) function. Extra features of the DL379 clamp meter also include an input jack lock, detachable clamp head, work light, magnetic mount, user temperature calibration, and easy-view high contrast backlight display.

UEi G2 Phoenix Pro+ Clamp Meter (DL389)

The UEi G2 Phoenix Pro+ clamp meter (DL389) includes all the functions and features of the Prime and Pro models, along with true-RMS measurement for AC volts and AC amps. The DL389 clamp meter also offers the same features of the DL379.

UEi G2 Phoenix Series Clamp Meter Kit

The optional UEi G2 Phoenix Series clamp meter kit includes the G2 Phoenix Hook extended clamp head. This clamp head offers 100A AC measurement, non-contact voltage in tip, and a work light. The Hook does not measure true-RMS when used with the Pro+ model.

Please consider these optional accessories.
UEi G2 Hook Extended Clamp Head
UEi ATL59 Test Leads