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Testo 174 Temperature & Relative Humidity Datalogger
Temperature and relative humidity datalogger with 16,000 memory slots available
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Extech RH520A Chart Recorder
Paperless chart recorder provides simultaneous numerical and graphical display of humidity and temperature
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Extech 42280 Temperature and Humidity Datalogger
Datalogger records up to 16,000 readings with USB interface for downloading to a PC
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Extech RHT10 Humidity and Temperature Datalogger
Humidity and temperature datalogger with USB interface for easy set-up and data download
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Testo 175 Series Datalogger
Compact dataloggers for temperature and humidity
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UEi THL2 Temperature / Humidity USB Datalogger
32,000 data points and USB interface with Windows-compatible software
Extech 42260 & 42270 Dataloggers
Temperature and temperature/humidity dataloggers record up to 16,000 readings
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Extech TH10 Temperature USB Datalogger
Logs temperature readings with a user programmable sample rate
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AEMC L702 Simple Logger II
Two input channels, measures temperatures from 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C) and 5 to 85% RH
HOBO RG3 / RG3-M Rain Gauge Data Logger
Rainfall and temperature measurements, aluminum housing and 15.4 cm (6.06 in) collector ring
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MadgeTech HITEMP140-FP Temperature Data Logger
Durable, user friendly data logger that operates up to 500°F (260°C), flexible RTD probe, 36" or 72" probe length options
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MadgeTech Bridge120 Bridge/Strain Datalogger
Differential Input, 20Hz Bridge/Strain Data Logger
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Partlow MRC 5000 Circular Chart Recorder
10 inch digital chart recorder and controller with one or two pens
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Honeywell DR4300 Series Digital Circular Chart Recorder
Match any application from basic recording to process control
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Honeywell DR4500 Truline Circular Chart Recorder
One to four-channel, microprocessor-based, circular chart recorder
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Partlow MRC 7000 Circular Chart Recorder
10" dual pen circular chart recorder, recording controller, or recording profile controller
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Fuji Electric PHL Paperless Recorder
Compact recorders display up to 18 channels of data
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Fuji Electric PHF Chart Recorder
Compact paperless chart recorder displays up to 6 channels of data
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Honeywell DR4500 Classic Recorder
12" recorder with one or two pens and easily configurable by the user
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Fuji Electric PHC Strip Chart Recorder
100mm six-color ink jet chart recorder, up to six channels and can record data in analog or print in high speed with digital mode
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Fuji Electric PHE Strip Chart Recorder
100mm Inkjet strip chart recorder features 1- or 2-channels
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Monarch Instrument DataChart 1250
2-Channel, High Speed Paperless Recorder
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Yokogawa XL120 Series Data Station
Portable datalogger and data station
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Fluke 1586A Super-DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner
Accurately measures and logs thermocouples, PRTs, thermistors, DC voltage, DC current and resistance
FREE Gift with qualified Fluke purchase above $250
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Future Design Controls DR 5000 Chart Recorder
Circular chart recorder available with ink cartridge or thermal printing versions
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MadgeTech Temp1000FP Temperature Datalogger
Stainless steel temperature datalogger with flexible 10.8 inch probe, 150°C
Sixth Sense Datagraph II Videographic Recorder
High resolution, videographic recorder features 6.1" screen and up to 18 channels with plug & play I/O
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MadgeTech TC101A Thermocouple Datalogger
Low cost, state-of-the-art thermocouple-based temperature datalogger with a 10 year battery and a 1,000,000 reading capacity
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Graphtec GL220 Data Acquisition Datalogger
Accepts voltage, temperature, humidity, pulse and logic signals, configuration and channel setup via USB or ethernet
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ABB ScreenMaster SM3000 Videographic Recorder
State-of-the-art multipoint videographic recorder with up to 36 universal input channels
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Partlow VersaChart Circular Chart Recorder
Micro-based recording controller with profile capability, flexible chart sizes, two displays and up to four pens
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Monarch Instruments DataChart 2000 Paperless Recorder
Touchscreen Videographic Paperless Recorders and Data Acquisition
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Fuji Electric PHA Strip Chart Recorder
180mm six-color ink jet chart recorder, up to twelve channels and can record data in analog or print in high speed with digital mode
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Extech RHT20 Humidity & Temperature Datalogger
Record up to 16,000 readings for RH/Temp with user-programmable sample rate
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ABB RVG200 ScreenMaster Videographic Recorder
Secure, easy-to-use paperless recorder. up to 24 process signals, touchscreen operation and configuration
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Extech PQ3450 3-Phase Power Analyzer/Datalogger
Datalogger that saves data on an SD card in Excel® format
Monarch Instruments Track-It Temperature Datalogger
Battery powered stand alone compact temperature data logger
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Extech DL160 Voltage/Current Datalogger
Dual input AC voltage/current datalogger records up to 256,000 readings with user programmable sample rate
Monarch Instrument DataChart 6000 Paperless Recorder
5.6 inch color Active Matrix TFT LCD display with a rugged touch screen
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Palmer Circular Chart Recorder
8 or 12 inch pressure chart recorder with one to three pens, spring wound or battery operated
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Monarch Instruments Track-It RHTemp DataLogger
Battery powered stand alone compact relative humidity and temperature datalogger
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ABB C1900R Circular Chart Recorder
Fully programmable 10" circular chart recorder for up to four process signals
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Kaye RF ValProbe Temperature / Humidity Datalogger
Wireless temperature/humidity datalogger with optional auxiliary inputs for use with Kaye LabWatch LT environmental monitoring system
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Toho TRM-20 Paperless Recorder
Easy operation with touch panel, Large capacity data storage to SD memory card
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AEMC DL-1080 / DL-1081 Dataloggers
Versatile, powerful dataloggers with 8 universal analog input channels and 8 digital I/Os
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ABB ScreenMaster 500F Videographic Recorder
Universal mounting capability with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data recording and 8 software recording channels
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Monarch Instruments Track-It DC Voltage and Current Dataloggers
Two Channel Battery Powered Stand Alone Compact Datalogger
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MadgeTech RHTemp101A Humidity and Temperature Datalogger
Low cost, state-of-the-art humidity & temperature datalogger with a 10 year battery and a 1,000,000 reading capacity
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CHINO AL4000 Series Hybrid Strip Chart Recorders
100mm chart multi-point type hybrid memory recorder with simultaneous display and digital display
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Extech SD200 Temperature Datalogger
3-channel temperature datalogger that records data on an SD card in Excel format
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