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Testo 510/511/512 Digital Manometers
Testo handheld pressure meters
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Fluke 922 Airflow Meter / Micromanometer
Combines pressure, air flow and velocity air flow measurements into a single rugged meter
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GE Druck DPI 705 Pressure Indicator
Handheld pressure indicators has ranges from 0 to 1 psi through to 10,000 psi
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Love Controls HM28 Manometer
High accuracy digital handheld manometer measures differential, gauge or absolute pressures
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GE Druck DPI 740 Barometer
Portable precision barometer with ranges to 103 inHg absolute
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GE Druck PACE1000 Precision Pressure Indicator
Test bench, bench top and panel mount calibration; test and monitoring applications
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Vaisala PTU300 Series Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Versatile, multi-purpose instrument for demanding applications combines pressure, humidity and temperature transmitters
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TSI Alnor HM685 Hydronic Manometer
Min, max, average, sum up to 4,000 readings, provides for inputs for two temperature probes
UEi EM201B Electronic Manometer
Dual input hand-held electronic manometer, measures up to 60 inches water column
Vaisala PTB330 Barometer
New generation barometer for a wide range of high-end applications including professional meteorology, aviation, and industrial uses
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UEi EM201SPKIT Static Pressure Kit
Measures up to 60 inches water gauge,
Bacharach Draftrite Pocket Gauge
Draft gauge suitable for checking flue pipes, chimneys, smoke hoods and other ventilation installations
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Setra SRPM Room Pressure Monitor
Designed for critical low differential pressure applications that require stringent pressure monitoring and alarming
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GE Druck PACE1001 Barometer
High precision barometric indicator and recorder designed for monitoring in laboratories, airfields and other applications
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Meriam M200 Smart Manometer
Handheld, high-precision, digital manometer with an accuracy of up to ±0.025% of full scale
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Extech HD700 Series Manometer
Low range, high resolution manometers capable of gauge or differential pressure measurements
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Meriam Meri-Cal Digital Manometer / Calibrator
Portable digital manometer / calibrator for gauge or differential pressure measurement (models LP200I, DP200I, LP2000I, DP2000I)
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TSI Alnor HM675 Hydraulic Manometer
Provides for inputs for two temperature probes, measures and displays high/low side, differential pressure simultaneously
UEi EM151 Electronic Manometer
Single input hand-held electronic manometer, measures positive and negative pressure to 20 inches water column
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Mensor DPG2400 Pressure Indicator
Low cost, single-range pressure measuring instrument
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Ametek IPI Mk. II Industrial Pressure Indicator
±0.05% of F.S. accuracy, lightweight and portable with full temperature compensation
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Meriam ZM200-DI Wet/Wet Smart Manometer
Handheld, intrinsically smart-manometer for liquids with high accuracy for wet/wet differential pressure applications
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UEi LPKITPLUS Leak and Pressure Test Kit PLUS
Combines the CD100A, EM151, CO71A, AC504, check primary/secondary gas pressure verify fittings are leak free, test for CO levels in the living space
Extech 407910 Heavy Duty Differential Pressure Manometer
Wide range dual input with 8 different pressure units and RS-232 interface
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Mensor DPG2300 Digital Pressure Gauge
High accuracy digital pressure calibrator for field calibrations in rugged environments
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Vaisala PTB210 Barometer
Reliable outdoor barometer designed to withstand harsh conditions
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Setra SRCM Room Condition Monitor
Provides room condition, room identification, security, calibration, and room pressure status all in one unit
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Vaisala PTB110 Barometer
Ideal for general environmental pressure monitoring over a wide temperature range
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Meriam M202 Absolute Manometer
Precision absolute manometer offers "calibration-bench" accuracy in a portable, handheld unit
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Meriam M200-LS Smart Manometer
Handheld, Lab Standard digital manometer with an NIST traceable accuracy of ±0.01% of full scale
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Meriam M100 Digital Manometer
Handheld digital mamoneter with ±0.25 % accuracy
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Meriam M201 Enhanced Rotary Gas Meter Tester
High accuracy tester for rotary (natural) gas meters
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Setra MRMS Multi-Room Monitoring Station
Remotely Monitor up to 8 Rooms, auto discover, audible and visual alarms
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UEi LPKIT Leak and Pressure Test Kit
Combines the CD100A and EM151, check primary resolution pressures and verify fittings are leak free
Flowline Fluidwell 300400 Explosion-Proof Level Indicator
CSA approved explosion proof for hazardous environments, the loop powered level indicator displays engineering units connected in series with one 4-20 mA continuous level transmitter
Condec DLR334 / DLR3110 Digital Pressure Indicators
115 or 230 VAC operation, ranges from vacuum to 10,000 psi, 20 selectable engineering units
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Extech SDL700 Pressure Meter / Datalogger
Pressure Meter/Datalogger accepts interchangeable transducers with ranges of 30, 150, 300psi (transducers sold separately)
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Meriam ZM101 Digital Calibrator
Handheld digital calibrator with ±0.10 % accuracy
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Dwyer BTK2 Backflow Prevention Test Kit
Specially designed for testing backflow prevention assemblies in accordance with ASSE, AWWA, CSA, FCCC, HR-USV, and NEWWA procedures
Extech PS115 Differential Pressure Manometer
11 units of measure to choose from, ±15psi range, manually store/recall 99 readings, ±1%FS accuracy
Extech PS106 Differential Pressure Manometer
11 units of measure to choose from, ±6psi range, manually store/recall 99 readings, ±1%FS accuracy
Extech PS101 Differential Pressure Manometer
11 units of measure to choose from, ±1psi range, manually store/recall 99 readings, ±1%FS accuracy
WIKA CPH6400 Pressure Indicator
Precision handheld pressure indicator capable of simultaneously measuring and logging pressure and temperature
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Vaisala PTB330TS Barometeric Pressure Transfer Standard
Combines Vaisala PTB330 barometer and MI70 indicator to create a barometric pressure transfer standard
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