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Kaye RF ValProbe Temperature / Humidity Datalogger
Wireless temperature/humidity datalogger with optional auxiliary inputs for use with Kaye LabWatch LT environmental monitoring system
Starting at
MadgeTech RFRHTemp2000A Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
Wireless two-way communication, view data in real time, digital display
Starting at
TandD RTR-502 / RTR-502L Wireless Temperature Datalogger
Wireless external temperature sensor, measurement range: -76 to 311°F (-60 to 155°C)
Starting at
TandD RTR-503 Wireless Temperature / Humidity Dataloggers
Wireless temperature and humidity dataloggers built to work and last in harsh environments
Starting at
TandD RTR-505-mA Wireless Current Datalogger
Designed to measure and record 4-20mA signals from various types of sensors and measuring devices
Starting at
TandD RTR-501 / RTR-501L Wireless Datalogger
Wireless temperature datalogger with sensor providing optimum waterproof and dustproof capabilities
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MadgeTech RFRTDTemp2000A Wireless RTD Temperature Datalogger
Wireless two-way communication, view data in real-time, field upgradeable, accepts 2, 3 or 4 wire 100Ω platinum RTD's
Starting at
TandD RTR-505-TC Wireless Thermocouple Datalogger
Supplied with Input module which supports the following types of thermocouple sensors: K, J, T, and S
Starting at
MadgeTech RFTemp2000A Temperature Datalogger
Wireless two-way communication, view data in real time, ambient temperature monitoring
Starting at
TandD RTR-500GSM Mobile Base Station
Base unit equipped with GSM cellular phone network capabilities
TandD RTR-500 USB Connected Data Collector
Register as base station or a repeater, download recorded data, save, current readings, graph display
MadgeTech RFPRHTemp2000A Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Datalogger
Datalogger that measures and records pressure, humidity and temperature with digital LCD display, direct USB interface
Starting at
TandD RTR-500NW Wired Base Unit
Base Unit for wired LAN Connection, automatically download and send data
MadgeTech RFTCTemp2000A Wireless Datalogger
Wireless two-way communication, ambient and thermocouple temperature monitoring
Starting at
MadgeTech VTMS Vaccine Temperature Datalogger System
Ideal for the continuous measurement and datalogging of temperature sensitive vaccines or pharmaceuticals in refrigerators, freezers, and coolers
Starting at
Fluke T3000 FC Wireless K-Type Temperature Module Kit
Combines 3000FC Digital Multimeter and T3000 FC Temperature Module, equipped with Fluke Connect
FREE Gift with qualified Fluke purchase above $250
TandD RTR-505-V Wireless Voltage Datalogger
Wireless voltage datalogger designed to measure and record voltage signals from various types of sensors and measuring devices
Starting at
TandD RTR-505-P Wireless Pulse Recorder
Wireless datalogger designed to record changes in pulse count for contact signals and Lo/Hi voltage intervals
Starting at
TandD RTR-574 Wireless Datalogger
One Logger records Illuminance, UV, Temperature and Humidity, logging capacity of 8,000 data sets
MadgeTech RFPulse2000A Datalogger
Wireless datalogger records pulse output signals from various sensors such as flow meters and anemometers
TandD RTR-500AW Network Base Station
Base unit for LAN connection wired or wireless, automatically download and send data
Fluke V3003 FC Wireless AC / DC Voltage Module Kit
Combines 3000 FC Multimeter, DC voltage module and AC module, equipped with Fluke Connect capabilities
FREE Gift with qualified Fluke purchase above $250
MadgeTech RFVolt2000A Voltage Datalogger
Two-way wireless voltage datalogger with LCD screen for instant access to current, min, max, and average readings
Starting at
TandD RTR-505-Pt Wireless Temperature Datalogger
Wireless datalogger that supports Pt100 (3-wire) and Pt1000 (3-wire) sensors
Starting at
TandD RTR-500DC Handheld Data Collector
User-friendly wireless communication Data Collector designed for hand-held portability
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