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GE Panametrics TransPort PT878 Ultrasonic Flow Meter System
Complete flow metering system includes all the components needed to make accurate, ultrasonic flow measurements
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GPI TM Series Water Meter
Industrial economy turbine flow meter for use with water applications, 1/2 inch to 4 inch meters, flow ranges to 600 GPM
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SeaMetrics MJ Series Pulse Water Meter
Contacting head "pulse" water meters with dry-contact or solid state pickups
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Rosemount 8705 Flanged Flowtube Sensor
Flanged flowtube sensors for conductive liquids and slurries
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King Instrument 7510 / 7511 Series Rotameter
Acrylic tube rotameters with in-line connections. Replaces IK55-D
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King Instrument 7520 / 7530 Series Rotameter
Machined cast acrylic block construction variable area flow meter for water or air, direct reading scale
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GF Signet 2551 Magmeter
Corrosion resistant insertion magmeter with optional display, accurate measurement even in dirty liquids
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Badger Meter RCDL Nutating Disc Flow Meter
Accurate, cost effective solution for metering industrial fluids
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Badger Meter Recordall Turbo Series Flow Meters
For potable cold water in commercial and industrial applications where flow is in one direction only
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Krohne ENVIROMAG 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Electromagnetic flow meter / magmeter for water and wastewater applications
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Blancett 1100 Turbine Flow Meter
Inline turbine flow meters for corrosive and abrasive fluid measurement, flow range up to 5000 GPM
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GE Panametrics AquaTrans AT868
Transit time ultrasonic flow meter and liquid flow transmitter
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Fuji Electric Portaflow-C Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Portable ultrasonic flow meter for noninvasive transit time flow measurement
Dynasonics UFX Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Handheld ultrasonic flow meter with handheld doppler sensor and 6.6ft of cable
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Dynasonics TFX Ultra Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Clamp-on ultrasonic flow and energy meters for liquids
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GF Signet 515 Rotor-X Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
Rotor-X paddle wheel flow sensors with sinusoidal frequency output
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GF Signet 2537 Paddlewheel Flow Meter
Low flow capable flow meter, as low as 0.3ft/s, with choice of output and can install into 0.5 to 8 inch pipes
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Krohne OPTIMASS 7000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
The optimum meter for demanding mass flow and density measurement applications of fluids, gases and solids
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GF Signet 9900 Transmitter
SmartPro single channel interface, multi-parameter input selection
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Hedland EZ-View Flow Meter for Oil and Water
Polysulfone variable area flow meters for oil and water
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Badger Meter M-2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Versatile, user-friendly flow metering system for general purpose applications
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Krohne H250-RR Variable Area Flow Meter
Rugged, all-metal design ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature and media
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Gems FT-330 Series Turbine Flow Meter
Highly accurate and repeatable turbine flow sensors designed for low flow OEM applications.
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Georg Fischer 807 Series Rotameter
Fully customizable rotameter with multiple scale ranges
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Krohne OPTIFLUX 4000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Multiple application electromagnetic flow sensor / magmeter
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King Instrument 7200 Series Rotameter
General purpose acrylic rotameter. Replaces IK55-A
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Rosemount 3051SFC Compact Orifice Flow Meter
Compact differential pressure flow meter ideal for the volumetric measurement of clean liquids
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GE Panametrics DigitalFlow DF868 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Fixed-installation, noninvasive liquid flow measurement of velocity, volumetric and energy flow rates using transit time technology
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Dynasonics TFXL Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Ultrasonic flow meter for liquids with moderate amounts of suspended solids or aeration, replaces the YD50-C
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Rosemount 8800D Series Vortex Flow Meter
Wafer or flanged style Vortex flow meters available with multivariable output and internal temperature sensor option
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GF Signet 2536 Rotor-X Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
Low flow Rotor-X paddle wheel flow sensor
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GPI 01N Series Water Meter
Nylon turbine meter for water applications
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Gems RFO Series Paddlewheel Flow Meter
Paddlewheel flow meter with high visibility rotors and 4.5 to 24 VDC Pulse Output
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Krohne UFM 3030 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Universal 3-beam in-line ultrasonic flow meter for liquids
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GPI A1 Turbine Flow Meter
Flow range from 0.3 to 300 GPM (formerly known as the RG45-A)
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GE Panametrics XMT868i Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter
DigitalFlow transmitter for acoustically conductive fluids, including most clean liquids, and many liquids with entrained solids or gas bubbles
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Dynasonics Series DFX Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Measures the flow of liquids that contain sound reflectors, suspended solids, or gas bubbles
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Alicat Scientific M Series Mass Flow Meters
An extremely fast, accurate mass flow meter with no warm-up time and unparalleled versatility
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Seametrics WMP Series Plastic-Bodied Magmeter
Corrosion-resistant electromagnetic flow meter for 1, 2 and 3 inch pipes
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GPI G2 Turbine Flow Meter
Flow range from 1 to 200 GPM(formerly known as the RG45-B)
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Kobold PSR/PS Paddle Flow Switch
Paddle type flow switch with a maximum pressure of 1450 PSI for brass and 3600 PSI for SS, replaces the OK15
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Blancett B2800 Flow Monitor
Flow monitor for Blancett turbine flow meters
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Hedland High Pressure Flow Meter for Petroleum Fluids
Variable area flow meter for petroleum fluids with pressures to 6000psi
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Badger Industrial Turbo Turbine Flow Meter
Flow meter for applications with some high volume and/or high flow rates
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Krohne OPTIFLUX 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Electromagnetic Flow Sensor for Water and Wastewater Applications
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Seametrics EX800 Series Magmeter
Electromagnetic flow sensor, fixed depth insertion for 1 to 12 inch pipes
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Kobold DOM Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Positive displacement flow meter for measuring viscous liquids such as oils, fuels, chemicals, solvents, resins and pastes
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Hedland Flow Meter for Air and Compressed Gases
Variable area flow meter for air and compressed gases
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Rosemount 8711 Wafer Flowtube Sensor
Economical, compact and lightweight alternative to flanged magnetic flowmeters
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Universal Flow Monitors CoolPoint Flow Meter
Vortex shedding flow meter for low viscosity fluids
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