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Isotech Semi-Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers
PRTs designed for optimum performance
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Isotech Semi-Standard Thermocouples
Ideal thermocouples for industrial laboratories
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Isotech QuickCal 550
Fast, compact handheld temperature calibrator (30°C to 350°C)
Isotech 550-02 Quick-Cal R
Economical Blackbody Source Temperature Calibrator for Low-End Thermometers
Isotech TTI-10 Handheld Thermometer
High accuracy handheld temperature indicator with two platinum resistance thermometer inputs
Isotech Isocal 6 Temperature Calibrator
Highly versatile temperature calibrator offers six calibration methods
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Isotech Pegasus 1200 Temperature Calibrator
Dry block calibrator with a range to 1200°C for very high temperature applications
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Isotech Fast-Cal Dry Block Calibrator
Calibrate temperatures from -30 to 1200°F in a rugged, stainless steel case
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Isotech Jupiter 650 Temperature Calibrator
High-temperature dry block calibrator ideal for the calibration of thermocouples as well as platinum resistance thermometers
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Isotech 936 Hyperion Temperature Calibrator
Portable Liquid Bath Temperature Calibrator with Dry-Block Conversion Option for Temperatures from -20 to 140°C
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Isotech 970 Pegasus R Blackbody Source
High-temperature blackbody source temperature calibrator for 150 to 1200°C (2192°F)
Isotech Isis Dry Block Calibrator
The only dry block calibrator capable of reaching temperatures as low as -100°C
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Isotech milliK Precision Thermometer
Range of sensors: SPRTs, PRTs, thermistors, thermocouple and 4-20mA
Isotech Gemini LRI Dry Block Calibrator
High Capacity Dry Block Temperature Calibrators Ambient to 550ºC and Ambient to 700ºC
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Isotech 976 Gemini R
Blackbody Source Infrared Calibrators: 30 to 550°C
Isotech Drago 934 Temperature Calibrator
Portable Liquid Bath Temperature Calibrator with Dry-Block Conversion Option, Ambient to 250°C
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Isotech 982 Hyperion Blackbody Source
Low-temperature blackbody source infrared calibrator: -10°C to +80°C
Isotech TTI-22 True Temperature Indicator
Thermometer with 0.001°C accuracy and 0.0001°C resolution
Isotech 988 Blackbody Source
Particularly suitable for the calibration of thermal imagers and infrared thermometers
Isotech 999 Medusa R Blackbody Source
Fixed-point primary source infrared calibrator: 30 to 550°C
Isotech Greybody 975 Infrared Source
Economical greybody source for low-end thermometers
Isotech Insert Extraction Tool
Insert Extraction Tool for ISOCAL 6
Isotech Replacement Liquid Container Magnetic Followers
Replacement liquid container magnetic followers (Qty. 5)
Isotech Standard Insert
Additional Standard Insert with 1 x 8mm, 2 x 4.5mm and 2 x 6.5mm holes
Isotech Blank Insert
Blank insert for high-temp Quick-Cal
Isotech Probe Extension Cable
Extension Cable for T-100 PRT probes
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Isotech 3 piece Insulation Pack
3 piece Insulation Pack for the Pegasus 1200
Isotech 931-22-101 Carrying Case
Carrying case for the TTI-10
Isotech 931-22-102 Carrying Case
Carrying case for the milliK Precision Thermometer
Isotech Blackbody Target
Blackbody target for ISOCAL 6
Isotech Surface Sensor Insert
Replacement surface sensor insert for ISOCAL 6
Isotech Standard Insert
Standard insert with 2 x 4.5mm, 2 x 6.4mm, 1 x 8mm, 1 x 9.5mm pockets
Isotech Blank Insert
Blank metal insert for ISOCAL 6
Re-Calibration for High-Temp Quick Cal
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Re-Calibration of TTI7 Models
Included with Original Purchase
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Re-Calibration of Medusa Models
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Re-Calibration of Gemini Models
Included with Original Purchase
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Isotech Blackbody Target
Blackbody target for Isotech ISOCAL-6 series
Isotech T100 Series PRT Probes
Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometer Probes for Temperatures Ranging from -100 to 660ºC
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Isotech Stirred Liquid Container Kit
Stirred liquid container kit for ISOCAL 6 (Alcohols, Water, or Oils)
Isotech C10 Silicone Oil
1 liter of C10 silicone oil for Isotech Hyperion (-35 to +140°C)
Isotech Isis Dry Block Calibrator Inserts
Replacement inserts for the Isotech Isis dry block calibrator
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Isotech Type N Thermocouple
Type N Thermocouple for Gemini LRI (Range: 0 to 1300°C; use up to 700°C)
Re-Calibration of ISOCAL 6
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Isotech Fast-Cal Inserts
Inserts designed for use with the Isotech Fast-Cal dry block calibrator
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Isotech Silicone Oil
1 Liter of very high temperature silicone oil (150 to 250°C)
Re-Calibration Pegasus 1200
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Isotech Surface Sensor Calibrator Kit
Surface Sensor Calibration Insert and RTD for ISOCAL 6
Isotech 956 Terminal adapter
Terminal adapter for the TTI-10
Isotech Semi-Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer
300 mm PRT with termination connector for temperatures from -50°C to 250°C
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