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TandD TR-71wf / TR-72wf Temperature / Humidity Datalogger
Temperature and humidity datalogging, TandD WebStorage Service, logging capacity of 8,000 datapoints, setup and download from mobile device
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TandD RTR-502 / RTR-502L Wireless Temperature Datalogger
Wireless external temperature sensor, measurement range: -76 to 311°F (-60 to 155°C)
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TandD RTR-503 Wireless Temperature / Humidity Dataloggers
Wireless temperature and humidity dataloggers built to work and last in harsh environments
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TandD RTR-501 / RTR-501L Wireless Datalogger
Wireless temperature datalogger with sensor providing optimum waterproof and dustproof capabilities
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TandD RTR-505-mA Wireless Current Datalogger
Designed to measure and record 4-20mA signals from various types of sensors and measuring devices
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TandD RTR-505-TC Wireless Thermocouple Datalogger
Supplied with Input module which supports the following types of thermocouple sensors: K, J, T, and S
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TandD RTR-500GSM Mobile Base Station
Base unit equipped with GSM cellular phone network capabilities
TandD RTR-500 USB Connected Data Collector
Register as base station or a repeater, download recorded data, save, current readings, graph display
TandD RTR-500NW Wired Base Unit
Base Unit for wired LAN Connection, automatically download and send data
TandD RTR-574 Wireless Datalogger
One Logger records Illuminance, UV, Temperature and Humidity, logging capacity of 8,000 data sets
TandD RTR-505-P Wireless Pulse Recorder
Wireless datalogger designed to record changes in pulse count for contact signals and Lo/Hi voltage intervals
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TandD RTR-505-V Wireless Voltage Datalogger
Wireless voltage datalogger designed to measure and record voltage signals from various types of sensors and measuring devices
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TandD RTR-500AW Network Base Station
Base unit for LAN connection wired or wireless, automatically download and send data
TandD RTR-505-Pt Wireless Temperature Datalogger
Wireless datalogger that supports Pt100 (3-wire) and Pt1000 (3-wire) sensors
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TandD RTR-500DC Handheld Data Collector
User-friendly wireless communication Data Collector designed for hand-held portability
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