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Net Safety UV/IRS Flame Detector
Two radiation wavelengths, designed for extreme conditions, manual and automatic testing
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Net Safety Millennium II M21 Single Channel Universal Transmitter
SMART sensor technology, -67 to 185°F temp range, full diagnostics with event and datalogging
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Net Safety Millennium II BASIC M2B Universal Transmitter
Delivers highly accurate monitoring of toxic and combustible gases, SMART sensor technology
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Net Safety Millennium APM Oil Mist Detector / Air Particle Counter
Industry’s only infrared optical monitor that is certified for use in hazardous areas
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Net Safety Millennium II M22 Dual Channel Transmitter
Dual channel, SMART sensor technology, -67 to 185°F temp range
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Net Safety UVS-H2 Hydrogen Flame Detector
Ultraviolet sensors for hydrogen & silane flame, manual and automatic testing for optical surfaces
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Net Safety GDU-Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector
Instantaneous response to all gas leaks within a 40 meter radius through four independent sensors, suited for outdoor applications
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Net Safety ECO-SENSE Loop Powered Gas Detector
Designed specifically for 2-wire, loop-powered installations, allows one man sensor calibrations in hazardous areas
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Net Safety Single UVS Flame Detector
Ultraviolet optical sensor designed for extreme conditions, 10 to 32 VDC voltage range
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Net Safety SafeGuard Alarm Controller
16-channel Modbus® Safety System Display and Control
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Net Safety RM2 Millennium Controller
2-channel Rack Mount Controller, flexible configuration, simple operation/maintenance, and intelligent functions
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Net Safety Replacement gasket for fire detector reflectors
Replacement gasket for fire detector reflectors (O-ring gasket for flame housing)
Net Safety BFP Blank Filler Plate
Blank filler plate to fill slot when no control card is present
Net Safety Gaskit Kit For Fire Detector Housing
4 Replacement gaskets for fire detector housings. Comes with 1 window cleaning kit
Net Safety Reflector and Parts For UV & UV/IR Housings
Replacement reflector and parts for for UV & UV/IR housings
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Net Safety Magnet Assembly
Magnet Assembly for MLP, M2, GS2S, & Universal JB
Net Safety FACASSY2 Wiring Assembly
Flame “S” Series - assembly/wiring of a single detector to termination box
Net Safety FACASSY Wiring Assembly
Assembly/wiring of a single Sensor to a Transmitter or Termination Box
Net Safety CCS-1 Combination Calibration/Rain Shield/Splash Guard Cup
Combination calibration/rain shield/splash guard cup
Net Safety Flame Detection Universal Termination Box
Used to terminate wiring from the factory sealed flame detector
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Net Safety JB-MPB
Termination box housing aluminum or stainless
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Net Safety CAL-CYL Calibration Gas Cylinders
Calibration Gas Cylinders for the Basic M2B, M21 and M22 Transmitters
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Net Safety IPF-001 IP 66/67 Filter
IP 66/67 Filter for SX3 Series sensors
Net Safety DSC-1 DUST / SAND
Dust / Sand protective clip (includes DF-1 disposable filter)
Net Safety Gas Sensor/Flame Detector Pipe Mounting Kits
Pipe mounting kit - gas detectors and flame detectors (stainless steel)
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Net Safety RMS-COMM-KIT Laptop Connection Cable
Laptop connection cable for access to event logging data
Net Safety NEMA 4X Expansion Plate
NEMA 4X expansion plate (adds up to 4 option positions)
Net Safety Charger Assy for TL-MP-KIT Test Lamp
Charger Assy for TL-MP-KIT Test Lamp
Net Safety JB-MPD Termination Box
Aluminum or stainless termination boxes
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Net Safety JB-MPD-PCBA Connector Board
Connector Board, used with JB-MPD-A/S
Net Safety ML7-OP100 Option Board
Option board c/w connectors, for use with relay boards
Net Safety CC-INLINE Calibration Adapter
In-Line Cup Adaptor for gas sensors
Net Safety JB-MPS-PCBA Connector Board
Connector board for use with JB-MPS
Net Safety SSK-6 Sun Shade / Rain Guard
Sun shade/rain guard (stainless steel)
Net Safety JB-MPH Termination Box
Termination box, aluminum or stainless steel used to remote mount HART port (HPT-001)
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Net Safety SSK-2 Sun Shade Kit
Sun shade kit for MLP & ML2 detectors - stainless steel - Requires UN-MK-1
Net Safety ML7-ORL305 Electromechanical Relay Board
Electromechanical relay board (ML7-RL305) c/w option board (ML7-OP100)
Net Safety SSK Sun Shade Kit
Pipe Mounted Sun shade kit/rain guard - stainless steel
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Net Safety HPT-001 HART Communicator port
HART® Communicator port, mounts directly to JB-MPH-A/S or M21/2 transmitter
Net Safety NiCd Test Lamp Battery Pack
9.72V, 1800mAh, AA, Rechargeable NiCd Test Lamp Battery Pack (TL-MP-KIT Only)
Net Safety ML7-RL305 Mechanical Relay Board
Mechanical Relay board for Millennium series
Net Safety FH-SHROUD Field Of View Restrictor
Field Of View Restrictor - anodized (red) (aluminum)
Net Safety LAS-0001 Laser Pen
Laser pen for Net Safety Flame Detectors
Net Safety Slot Cage Assembly
Different models designed to fit 2, 4, 8 or 12 control cards, powder coated aluminum
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Net Safety Generic Calibration Kit
Generic Calibration Kit for the Millennium M2Basic, M21 and M22
Net Safety 8 Channel Output Board
8 channel output board, analog (4-20mA) or discrete relay (5A form C)
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Net Safety SG10-0158 Input Board
8 channel analog (4-20mA) input board c/w terminals
Net Safety AIR-SHIELD-002 Air Shield Assembly
Air Shield assembly (aluminum)
Net Safety SG10-0208 19" rack
19" rack (supports 1 or 2 SGX-SM controllers)
Net Safety UVS Complete Electronics / Sensor Module Replacement
Complete Electronics / Sensor Module Replacement
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