Photometric Measurement (5)
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Jenway 6320D Spectrophotometers
Identifies the presence and quantifies the concentration of many chemicals and molecules
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Jenway 67 Series Spectrophotometers
High quality spectrophotometers with modes for photometrics, spectrum scanning, multi-wavelength analysis, kinetics and quantitation
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Jenway 7300 / 7305 Spectrophotometers
Icon driven software, absorbance, transmittance and concentration measurement modes
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Jenway Genova Plus Spectrophotometer
UV/visible spectrophotometer dedicated to life science analysis, 5nm spectral bandwidth, -0.3 to 2.5A absorbance range
Jenway Genova Nano Spectrophotometer
Micro-volume, life science and standard spectrophotometer in 1, ideal for DNA, RNA and protein measurements
Jenway 7310 / 7315 Spectrophotometers
Results and saving to USB memory stick, absorbance, transmittance, concentration, spectrum scanning, kinetics, quantitation measuring modes
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Jenway Spectrophotometer Cells and Cuvettes
Cuvettes, flow cells and test tubes for use with Techne Spectrophotometers
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Jenway Dust Cover
Dust cover for the Jenway 67 Series spectrophotometers
Jenway Cuvette Holders
Four different styles of cuvette holders for Jenway spectrophotometers
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Jenway 630304 Micro Cuvette Holder
Micro-cuvette holder with reduced aperture
Jenway 630204 Cuvette Holder
10 x 10mm path length cuvette holder
Jenway 035143 Disposable Micro Cuvette
Pack of 100 disposable micro-cuvettes
Jenway 630005 Cuvette Holder
10 to 100mm path length cuvette holder
Jenway Carrousels
Additional carrousels for Techne 67 Series spectrophotometer sample chambers
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Jenway 637071 Test Tube Holder
16/24mm test tube holder
Jenway 660101 Internal Printer
Internal printer for the Jenway 67 Series spectrophotometers
Jenway 67 Series Modules
Single or multi-cell sample chambers with integrated holders or accessories
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Jenway 735401 Cuvette Holder
Automatic 8 position cuvette pump
Jenway 735201 Sipper Pump
Sipper pump for 73 Series
Showing 1 to 19 of 19 products.