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Vaisala HMT330 Series Humidity & Temperature Transmitters
Customizable humidity and temperature transmitters for demanding industrial applications
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Vaisala DM70 Dewpoint Meter
Hand-held dewpoint meter designed for industrial spot-checking and field calibration applications
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Vaisala HMT120 / HMT130 Humidity & Temperature Transmitters
Feature a wall-mounted or remote HUMICAP relative humidity probe
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Vaisala PTU300 Series Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Versatile, multi-purpose instrument for demanding applications combines pressure, humidity and temperature transmitters
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Vaisala HM70 Humidity & Temperature Meter
Hand-held humidity and temperature meter designed for demanding humidity measurements in spot-checking applications
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Vaisala HMW90 Series Humidity & Temperature Transmitters
For High Performance HVAC Applications
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Vaisala HM40 Humidity and Temperature Meter
Compact and reliable humidity meter ideal for all spotchecking needs
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Vaisala GMT220 Series CO2 Transmitters
Measures carbon dioxide in harsh and humid environments with IP65 housing
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Vaisala PTB330 Barometer
New generation barometer for a wide range of high-end applications including professional meteorology, aviation, and industrial uses
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Vaisala HMK15 Humidity Calibrator
Saturated salt technology makes the calibration and spot checking of humidity probes and transmitters easy and reliable
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Vaisala HMW80 Humidity & Temperature Transmitter
Humidity and temperature transmitter designed for use in building energy management systems
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Vaisala GM70 CO2 Monitor
Hand-held carbon dioxide meter with option of diffusion or pump aspiration sampling methods
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Vaisala DMT242 Dewpoint Transmitter
Provides reliable and stable measurements in low-dewpoint industrial dryer applications
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Vaisala DMT143 Dewpoint Transmitter
Miniature DRYCAP® dewpoint transmitter is an ideal choice for small industrial dryers and other OEM applications
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Vaisala DMT132 Dewpoint Transmitter
Affordable dew point measurement instrument designed to verify the functionality of refrigerant dryers.
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Vaisala HMT360 Series Intrinsically Safe Humidity & Temperature Transmitters
Configurable humidity and temperature transmitters for hazardous and explosive environments
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Vaisala DMT340 Series Dewpoint and Temperature Transmitters
Dewpoint and temperature transmitters designed for industrial low humidity applications
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Vaisala DPT146 Dewpoint Transmitter
Measures both dew point and process pressure in compressed air systems
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Vaisala HMD60 / HMD70 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
Duct mount HUMICAP transmitters designed for monitoring relative humidity and/or temperature in HVAC systems
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Vaisala GMP343 CO2 Monitor Probe
Available as an open-path diffusion-aspirated model and as a flow-through model
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Vaisala DRYCAP DMT152 Dewpoint Transmitter
OEM Dewpoint Transmitter designed for low dewpoint even down to -80°C
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Vaisala GMD20 & GMW21 Series CO2 Transmitters
Carbon dioxide transmitters designed for demand controlled ventilation applications
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Vaisala HMDW80 Series Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
Versatile humidity and temperature transmitters designed for standard HVAC applications
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Vaisala PTB210 Barometer
Reliable outdoor barometer designed to withstand harsh conditions
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Vaisala PTB110 Barometer
Ideal for general environmental pressure monitoring over a wide temperature range
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Vaisala DMT345 / DMT346 Dewpoint Transmitters
Designed to measure and control humidity in industrial drying applications with particularly high temperatures
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Vaisala HMDW110/HMS110 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Humidity and temperature transmitters for high-accuracy measurements in HVAC applications
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Vaisala HMD60UO / HMD60YO Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Outdoor humidity and temperature transmitter with solar radiation shield
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Vaisala GMW115 CO2 Transmitter
Compact, wall-mounted carbon dioxide transmitter for demand-controlled ventilation
Vaisala GMW116 Carbon Dioxide Transmitter
Carbon dioxide (CO2) and temperature transmitter for ventilation control in all types of occupied spaces
Vaisala GMW90 Series CO2 Sensors
Carbon dioxide / temperature sensors with optional humidity measurement for demand controlled ventilation systems
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Vaisala PTB330TS Barometeric Pressure Transfer Standard
Combines Vaisala PTB330 barometer and MI70 indicator to create a barometric pressure transfer standard
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Vaisala Nafion® Tubing
Moisture removing Nafion® tubing for Vaisala GM70 hand-held meter
Vaisala LED Plug
LED plug for the DMT132
Vaisala Sealing Ring Set
Sealing ring set (3 pcs U-seal) for the DMT132
Vaisala 6221 Plastic PC Grid Filter
Vaisala 6221 Plastic PC Grid Filter
Vaisala Sensor Filter
Sensor protective grid Ø12mm, plastic
Vaisala 27168ZZ Analog Output Cable
Analog Output Cable
Vaisala NPT Plug
NPT1/2" plug for the DMT132
Vaisala ISO Plug
ISO" 1/2 plug for the DMT132
Vaisala Battery Cover
Battery cover for HM40, 3pcs
Vaisala Potassium Sulfate Calibration Salt
Potassium sulfate salt for generating 97 %RH humidity
Vaisala 25378GMSP Spare Filter Cap
Goretex membrane spare filter plus cap
Vaisala NPT Adapter
NPT adapter for the DMT132
Vaisala Special Cover Set
Special Cover Set that fits the HMK15, DMT132, and the HMP110
Vaisala Belt Clips
Belt clip for Vaisala HM40 Humidity and Temperature meter
Vaisala 210623 Probe Installation Kit
Installation kit for the DTR502 radiation shield
Vaisala MI70USADAPTER AC-Adapter
AC-adapter for the MI70 indicator.
Vaisala 211921GM In-Soil Adapter
Vaisala 211921GM In-Soil Adapter
Vaisala 27160ZZ Connection Cable
Connection cable for the DMT242 Dewpoint Transmitter
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