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NoShok 1000 Series Digital Pressure Gauges
High performance digital pressure gauges
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NoShok 100 Series Pressure Transmitters
High performance, current output pressure transmitters
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NoShok 300 Series Pressure Transducers
Compact OEM pressure transducers
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NoShok 615 / 616 Series Pressure Transducers
Heavy-duty, high pressure transducers from vacuum to 120,000 psi
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NoShok 612 Series Submersible Level Transmitters
Submersible depth and level transmitter with high accuracy and shock resistance
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NoShok 200 Series Pressure Transducers
High performance voltage output transducers
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NoShok 621 / 622 Series Pressure Transmitters
Explosion-proof pressure transmitters for hazardous locations
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NoShok 800 & 810 Pressure Switches
Provides continuous pressure monitoring and allows the programming of the set points without applying pressure
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NoShok 625 / 626 Series Pressure Transmitters
Intrinsically safe pressure transmitters for hazardous locations
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NoShok 640 Series Pressure Transducers
High-precision, heavy-duty pressure transducers with serial interface
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NoShok 1900C Digital Indicator
Compact digital indicator displays any unit of pressure, temperature, level, force or flow measurement
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NoShok 623 / 624 Series Non-Incendive Pressure Transmitters
Non-incendive pressure transmitters for hazardous locations, accuracy to ±0.25%, advanced diffused semi-conductor and sputtered thin film sensor
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NoShok Series 1950 Digital Indicator
Full-sized panel meter features compressed into small design for ease of installation
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NoShok 619 / 620 Series Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitters
ATEX approved hazardous location pressure transmitters, ±0.25% accuracy, gauge or absolute pressure, for dynamic and static measurements
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NoShok Series 11 Sanitary Pressure Transmitter
Designed for heavy-duty sanitary applications where high accuracy and durability are required
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NoShok 613 Series Submersible Level Transmitters
Cage protected, designed for severe high solids environments, ranges from (0 inH2O to 50 inH2O) through (0 psi to 300 psi)
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NoShok 755 Series Pressure Transmitters
Digital, stainless steel threaded pressure transmitters with ±0.05% full scale accuracy
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NoShok 660 Series Pressure Transducers
Micro-size, high performance transducer with ±0.25% accuracy
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NoShok 627 Series Level Transmitters
Intrinsically safe, submersible, liquid level transmitters
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NoShok 628 Hammer Union Pressure Transmitters
Intrinsically safe hammer union pressure transmitters for measuring pressure to 20,000 psig
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NoShok Series 21 Homogenizer Pressure Transmitters
Designed for high pressure sanitary homogenizer applications
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NoShok Model 1800 Digital Indicator
Attachable loop-powered digital indicator for NoShok pressure transmitters
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NoShok Series 21 Gaskets
Gasket for NoShok Series 21 Homogenizer Pressure Transmitters
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NoShok Power Supplies
12VADC and 24VDC power supplies for NoShok meters
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