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UEi G2 Phoenix Series Clamp Meters
Full-function clamp meter with thermocouple input and interchangeable clamp head
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UEi DAFM3 Digital Air Flow Meter
Measures air velocity, temperature and relative humidity, Calculates wet bulb, dew point and air volume (CFM, CMM)
UEi THL2 Temperature / Humidity USB Datalogger
32,000 data points and USB interface with Windows-compatible software
UEi DM383B Digital Multimeter
Extra large 4,000 count display makes readings easy to view
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UEi EM201B Electronic Manometer
Dual input hand-held electronic manometer, measures up to 60 inches water column
UEi CD100A Combustible Gas Leak Detector
One hand operation, 18 inch goose neck, headphone jack, 50 ppm sensitivity, headphone jack
UEi Apollo Series Digital Thermometer
Handheld digital thermometers with single, dual and quad thermocouple inputs
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UEi C75 Combustion Analyzer
The UEI C75 Eagle 1 is a professional easy-to-use combustion analyzers for basic combustion analysis to full system maintenance
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UEi EM201SPKIT Static Pressure Kit
Measures up to 60 inches water gauge,
Digital clamp-on meter, infrared thermometer, pocket electrical tester, extended clamp head and pipe clamp adapter
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UEi C50 Combustion Analyzer
Combustion analyzer with infrared printer port
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UEi DTH31 Digital Psychrometer
Hand held, measures ambient temperature (T1), relative humidity, dew point and web bulb
UEi DAFM4 Digital Anemometer / Psychrometer
0.7 inch diameter air vane on 39 inch long telescoping probe, combines air volume with psychrometer functions
UEi RLD10 Refrigerant Leak Detector
Advanced ionization detection, detects industry standard refrigerants, 18.5 inch gooseneck probe
UEi M110A Analog Multimeter
21 ranges and high resolution DC μA for flame safeguard testing
UEi DM391 & DM393 Digital Multimeters
All inputs, ranges and functions protected to 1000V CAT III
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UEi CO71A Carbon Monoxide Detector
Monitors, records, and alerts you to the presence of carbon monoxide in ambient air
UEi EM151 Electronic Manometer
Single input hand-held electronic manometer, measures positive and negative pressure to 20 inches water column
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UEi CLM100 Cable Length Meter
Measures copper and aluminum cables, covers major wire gauges, automatic temperauture compensation
UEi C155 Combustion Analyzer
Uses EOS Technology carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor for longer sensor life, less accuracy drift and less down time
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UEi C157 Combustion Analyzer
Uses EOS Technology CO2 sensor for longer sensor life, NO sensor installed
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UEi C125 Combustion Analyzer
The C125 Eagle 2 is a multi-function combustion analyzer that doubles as a differential thermometer, differential manometer, and ambient CO detector
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UEi PDT550 Digital Pocket Thermometer
Temp range: 58 to 572°F, water proof, built magnetic mount, records MIN/MAX readings
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UEi CD200 Combustible Gas Leak Detector
Separate user adjustable alarm for predetermined level detection, adjustable tick rate, 18 inch probe length
UEi PDT650 Pocket Thermometer
Fold out stainless steel temperature probe, magnetic mount, measuring range of -58 to 572°F
UEi LPKITPLUS Leak and Pressure Test Kit PLUS
Combines the CD100A, EM151, CO71A, AC504, check primary/secondary gas pressure verify fittings are leak free, test for CO levels in the living space
UEi MM100 Moisture Meter
Accurate to ±0.05% with replaceable electrodes and built-in belt clip
UEi SSM1 Super Heat / Sub Cool Meter
0 to 500 working pressure, superheat for low side, subcool for high side, refrigerants: R22, R134a, R404a, R410a
UEi C20 / C20KIT Combustion Set-up Meter
Real time analysis, EOS technology sensor, CO and CO2 measurements only
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UEi AGA5000 Emissions Analyzer
Measures CO, HC, CO2, O2, NOX, programmed to evaluate gasoline, LPG and CNG fuels
UEi INF165 Infrared Thermometer
-36.4 to 689°F, 12:1 (D:S), ±2.5% accuracy, selectable emissivity levels: 0.70, 0.95, max value capture
UEi DM5B Digital Multimeter
Pocket-sized multimeter that can measure AC & DC up to 5A and 750V
UEi SMARTBELL PLUS KIT Combustion Check Meter Kit
Real time analysis, direct CO2 measurements, no sensor replacements, flue temperature measurements, includes EM201 Manometer
UEi DRS220 Digital Refrigerant Scale
Refrigerant tank capacity indicator, measures weight in kgs and lbs, built in memory, 0.5% accuracy
UEi DL235 Digital Clamp Meter
True RMS measurement with auto and manual ranging features
UEi RLD15 Refrigerant Leak Detector
Solid electrolyte semiconductor sensor technology, digital numeric leak size detector, 3 sensitivity levels
UEi UTL33T Digital Multimeter
Measures AC/DC voltage, DC current, temperature, diode & continuity resistance, transistor test
UEi DM397 Digital Multimeter
Datalogging kit and software along with True RMS measurement
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UEi CO95 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer
Used to check ambient CO levels, find leaks along flue pipes, or measure CO concentration in flue gas
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UEi M75A Analog Multimeter
17 ranges and resistance to 50 kΩ
UEi SMARTBELLPLUS Combustion Meter
Real time analysis, direct CO2 measurements, CO safety checks, no sensor replacements, flue temperature measurements
UEi 550B Digital Pocket Thermometer
Digital pocket sized thermometer, water resistant, range: -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C)
UEi DM200 Digital Multimeter
Fast & accurate checks of voltage, continuity or resistance
UEi DM384 Digital Multimeter
MIN/MAX capture for unattended measurement monitoring
UEi KM9106/P Combustion Analyzer
Measures combustion efficiency and emissions from any industrial, commercial or residential heating appliance
UEi DT221 Digital Thermometer
Single input, handheld, MIN/MAX, date hold
UEi INF215 Scout III Infrared Thermometers
-76 to 1400°F, 30:1 (D:S), ±2% accuracy, fixed emissivity (0.95), K type probe input, laser targeting
UEi INF195 Digital Infrared Thermometer
-76 to 1022°F, 12:1 (D:S), ±2% accuracy, three emissivity levels: (0.30, 0.70, 0.95), K type thermocouple input
UEi KM940 Combustion Analyzer
Combustion analyzer with up to 3 toxic gas sensors and optional high range CO sensor
UEi C127 Combustion Analyzer
The C127 Eagle 3 offers all the features of other Eagle series combustion analyzers with the ability to measure nitric oxide
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