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Oakton pHTestrs 10 and 20
Waterproof double-junction pH testers with large displays
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Oakton pH 11 Economy Meter
Economical meter with dual display for measuring pH, temperature, and millivolts
Oakton Acorn pH 5 Plus and pH 6 Plus Meters
±0.01 pH accuracy, economical, compact, up to five-point push-button calibration
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Oakton ECTestr 11 Conductivity Tester
Auto-ranging conductivity testers for maximum resolution
Oakton Acorn Dissolved Oxygen 6 Plus Meter
Compact, high accuracy, economical dissolved oxygen meter
Oakton SaltTestr 11 Salinity Tester
Non-linear curve programmed for best results in testing NaCl in water applications
Oakton pH Spear
pH tester with spear tip electrode ideal for food applications
Oakton CON 2700 Conductivity/TDS Meter
Measures conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity, resistivity, and temperature
Oakton Conductivity/TDS Calibration Solution
Conductivity/TDS calibration solution. NIST-traceable; ±1% accuracy at 25°C
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Oakton pH Calibration Solutions Kit
pH calibration kit including 4.01, 7.00 and 10.00 buffers
Oakton pH Buffers "Singles" Kit
Assortment of single-use pH buffers
Oakton pH Solutions Starter Kit
4.01, 7.00 and 10.00 pH buffers along with cleaning and storage solutions
Oakton pH/ORP Electrode Storage Solution
Extend the life of your electrodes and maintain accurate readings
Oakton WD-35811-71 All-In-One Probe
With built-in ATC single junction, epoxy body, BNC connector
Oakton pH/ORP Electrode Cleaning Solution
Extend the life of your electrodes and maintain accurate readings
Oakton Replacement Cuvettes
Pack of 3 replacement cuvettes, borosilicate glass.
Oakton WD-35805-01 pH Electrode
Plastic body double-junction pH electrode (3-ft cable)
Oakton Hard Case
Hard case with foam inserts for Oakton Testr Series meters
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